What if I told you there was a way to be the kind of mother you long to be

-- the calm, patient, completely present version -- even on those days when the kids are grumpy, you’re tired and nothing has gone to plan 

… and what if you could put yourself on that path now and see immediate shifts in the way you parent, without sacrificing or stretching yourself any further than you already do …

we’re talking big, huge, seismic shifts that require no more than 15 minutes a day of your precious time and attention.

-- would you finally give yourself permission to receive the inner peace you’ve been craving?

Want to bring more peace to your parenting?
What if I told you there was a way to be the kind of mother you long to be -- the calm,
patient, completely present version -- even on those days when the kids are grumpy, you’re
tired and nothing has gone to plan --

… and what if you could put yourself on that path right now and see immediate shifts in the way you parent, without sacrificing or stretching yourself any further than you already do …

… we’re talking big, huge, seismic shifts that require no more than 15 minutes a day of your
precious time and attention.

-- would you finally give yourself permission to receive the inner peace you’ve been craving?




You know things have to change...



And as much as you love being a mum and will do anything for your family, you feel that somewhere along this motherhood journey, you’ve somehow lost a part of... YOU.

I see you... and I want you to know that what you're feeling is so normal.

But honestly? It doesn't have to be this way. Motherhood was never meant to be this hard. No matter what society, social media or your mother in law tells you, I’m here to remind you that you are EVERYTHING  your child needs you to be right now, in this moment.

You are enoughexactly as you are. 

From the bottom of my heart,

I feel your pain.

I too, felt the guilt you feel, the worry, the immeasurable sadness of just not being the mother I SO deeply felt I could, or even should be.

I longed for balance and spaciousness within me. I was time and energy poor and just couldn’t find that space of calm.

Unfortunately, we have it all wrong.

We tend to think that we need to search outside ourselves for answers on how to become that patient, connected mother but in truth,

It’s not about raising the child, but about Rising the Mother; it’s not about parenting, it’s about self-ing!

Rising will give you balance, transform your relationship with your children and move you to a deep place of peace where you are truly free from worry, guilt, judgement and self-doubt.

Let me help you set a foundation for inner peace and Rise You.

But as much as that’s a nice sentiment, it doesn't exactly help you in the here and now, does it?

When you’re deep in the trenches of motherhood obsessing over everything from first foods to how you handled last night’s tantrum, aiming for impossibly high standards of pinsta perfection, ‘shoulding’ all over yourself and drowning in the deep well pools of guilt, shame and confusion of those moments when you believe you’ve #failed... your kid, your family, yourself...again.

In those moments, you need more than just words of comfort.



Because when you rise, your whole family benefits. And their family. And their family.

And the best thing is: you don’t have to do this alone and it doesn't have to be hard. 

Having a calm, peaceful and deeply connected relationship with your kids is not out of your reach or something reserved for those ‘lucky’ mamas who have tons of money, support and likes on instagram.

Your experience of motherhood can completely transform beyond your wildest, most heartfelt dreams, and it can start right now...


A deeply-nourishing 28 day online experience
to help you access your intuition, strengthen the connection
with your kids, let go of mama guilt for good... and thrive.


I created this program for you and all the other conscious mamas out there who are yearning to feel more empowered and confident in their parental role; a mother who feels free to Enjoy and Connect deeply with her children and with herself. 

Through my individual coaching and group programs, my work as a conscious parenting coach helps mothers rise into their true selves so they can embody more peace, patience and connection with their children.

Rising mothers come to me time poor, energy depleted, wracked with worry, guilt, frustration and losing faith in themselves and leave feeling free, empowered and confident to create the family and life they always envisioned - on their terms.

My goal is to guide as many mothers as possible on a revolution to raise our next generation consciously.

This is a journey of true enlightenment ~ it all starts with you.

But it takes a village…

LET’S RISE YOU, Together

$99 USD  pay just $33 USD

(In light of these unusual times, I’m currently offering discounted pricing).



What does it mean to Rise?

As you rise, so will your children and their children and theirs.
What a beautiful gift to humankind.


Let me be clear…I certainly don’t claim to know it all!

What I share is based on my own personal experiences, observations and evidence-based research but, like you, I’m still learning. We’re all on this wonderful mothering journey together - learning, growing and supporting one another towards deeper connection, expansion and peace.

Despite what I used to believe, this journey is absolutely NOT about perfection. It’s about learning WHO we are and holding space for mistakes and imperfection so we can more easily respond with compassion and kindness so we can return to connection sooner.

But when I say I know how you feel, I mean it...

I’ve had my fair share of sh*tty parenting periods. Back in 2019, I found myself physically, emotionally and spiritually bereft. I wasn’t enjoying motherhood, I was drowning in it...

I was trying so hard to be the best mum to my three young, energetic boys whilst silently struggling with postnatal depression. I think back to the darkness I felt, the hopelessness… wanting to just crawl into a ball and stay there...but somehow carrying on anyway.

I felt defeated, joyless and broken...so broken.

Back when this photo was taken, I was literally in tears all the time and wracked with guilt. There was too much yelling, too many triggers, too much chaos... and the irony was that I felt desperately disconnected from my kids because I was trying too hard.

I was putting parenting above all else (including my own basic needs) and it slowly but surely wore me down to the point of physical illness, disconnection and a deep loneliness.

I realized I couldn’t live this way any longer.

But it wasn’t until I consciously brought the balance back into my life that things started to shift. I figured out, piece by piece, what I needed to feel whole again, to feel alive - and then gave myself permission to have it. Slowly I was able to break free from the guilt, shame and confusion that had raced through my mind every. single. day.

In trying so hard to give my kids everything I ‘thought’ they needed, I was actually robbing myself - and them - of the chance to truly connect.

As mothers, we often feel we have to hold it together to be strong for our kids but that only amplifies the pain and deepens the isolation. REAL strength comes from recognising we can’t do it all alone and asking for help when we need it.

If you take just one thing from this page, please let it be permission to ask for what you need.


I finally realised that mothering is actually an inside job. After doing the inner work, I no longer feel that sense of guilt and shame around my parenting. And the best part? I’m now even closer to my kids than EVER before.

Unfortunately for me, it took plummeting to the very depths to be able to rise up and out the other side. But you don't have to let things get that bad.

If you’re struggling to find peace in your parenting, I invite you to join me for a beautiful 28 day experience where we’ll gently bring all the pieces of YOU back together again.

Each day over four transformative weeks, we’ll set the foundation for you to find more peace, empowerment and connection with yourself and with your kids.

We’ll find you, and we’ll Rise YOU.


In Rise YOU, we’ll cover things like:

  • How to establish empowering habits right from the start to set you up for success long term. 
  • Ideas for calm mornings and peaceful evenings (these are the MOST important times for setting intentions that stick and for going to sleep with good thoughts in your subconscious). 
  • Simple systems, practical parenting tips, sacred practices and ideas for rituals and routines that will completely transform the way you show up as a parent and connect with your kids. 
  • Ideas, templates, checklists, cheat sheets, charts and prompts to get you organised and prioritised with the stuff that HAS to be done so you start to find time for the things you WANT to do - and by the way, the 15 minutes a day is non negotiable but I guarantee it will quickly become one of those ‘want’ to do things.

Rise YOU will help you prioritise your headspace and happiness by...

Rising Mothers Raise The World ™!

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover inside ...

WEEK 1: Set the foundations for inner peace

  • Put in place the essential foundations for inner peace focusing on cleansing our environment and creating a sacred foundation of spaciousness.
  • Set up simple systems in your home to streamline the practical tasks of parenting and make room for more presence and connection.
  • Establish essential morning and nighttime rituals. The morning is the MOST important time to set intention for the day and in the evening, before you go to sleep, a solid ritual will help you drift off to sleep with good thoughts in your subconscious.
  • Find extra pockets of time by putting in place simple but powerful practices that actually expand time and help you to feel in control of your day

WEEK 2: Release thoughts and ideas that may be holding you back

  • Access the true power of your thoughts through powerful mindset exercises
  • Become aware of what you need to release unhelpful thoughts, assumptions or expectations of yourself and others.
  • Begin the rewiring and rewilding process to return back to your natural and most authentic self. 
  • Master simple practices to elevate your way of thinking.

WEEK 3: Begin to cultivate a love of your body

  • Begin the journey of dropping the judgement and creating more body awareness and acceptance with powerful mindset tools. This is not about losing weight (although that’s great if you want to be healthier) this is about moving towards self-acceptance.
  • Sanctify the relationship you have with your body using sacred practices as a way to activate your intuition and create a loving relationship with yourself, warts and all.
  • Unlock the innate feminine wisdom within using powerful invocations and mindset mantras to help you return to the strong, intuitive woman you truly are.
  • Honour your body with nourishing rituals that you can easily incorporate into your day to day and that will soon become as normal and natural as brushing your teeth.

WEEK 4: Connect with your spirit, essence and soul

  • Access your intuition on a much deeper level than you ever have before with my guidance and prompts to practice and eventually make it second nature.
  • Unlock the universal language of signs and synchronicities. This is such a juicy topic and we’ll explore it further in an interview with the wonderful Samara Bishop, Intuitive Collaborator and one of my greatest mentors.
  • Explore intuitive energy work as a foundation of support with information on the 7 Chakras and how we can use the Chakra system to create more awareness and alignment within our physical and energy bodies.
  • Rekindle the connection to Divine Grace using prayer as a tool to communicate and access your inner guidance system to help navigate through anything in your life.

Included in your 28 day experience, you’ll get:


Daily brief uplifting content

13 x high quality content videos 

4 x world renowned expert interviews 

1 x beautiful guided meditation

Your Daily Peace Planner

A library of printable checklists, cheat sheets, charts and affirmations

Lifetime access including anything else I add

Simple tools, achievable actions and weekly reflection exercises

A wonderful community of rising mothers, ready to welcome you into the safest, warmest and most uplifting space on the internet.


PLUS, you’ll also get ...


Bonus content to help with the practical side of homeschooling.
Having homeschooled my boys for two years and learning through trial and error, I share ways to keep the peace, connection and your sanity while getting the school work done.


1 x 30 minute coaching session with me, absolutely FREE!
We’ll discuss YOUR unique situation and find solutions that work for you and your family to help you incorporate everything you’ve learned over the 28 days in a sustainable way.



Let’s Rise YOU, higher

Go deeper with the Mother’s Mediation Pack for greater intuition, gratitude and intention. This is a series of beautiful guided (by me) meditations delivered as an Mp3 audio file.

Add an extra $9 USD at checkout



Still have questions?


Still have some questions?


A final note from Jess ...

Beautiful Mama,

I created this program for you and for your children, and for their children’s children.

My greatest wish is that you find the peace, calm and connection you crave through carving out just 15 minutes a day for yourself, the benefits of which will then flow on to your kids, your family, friends and the wider community.

This is NOT about doing more, learning new strategies or following a 3-step process set down by an instafamous parenting ‘expert’.

This is about learning or relearning how to feel into it and knowing what’s right for you and your child and really trusting that.

When we connect back to ourselves, to our own inner knowing, and learn how to trust that voice inside of us we become that calm, connected, patient mother we so want to be. When we learn to surrender and accept things as they are, not how we think they should be, we stop pushing and trying to be perfect, we can let go and simply BE.

I would love for you to join me and our incredible community of rising mothers inside RISE YOU- a parenting, personal and spiritual development program that will take you just 15 minutes a day and add infinite peace, calm, patience and connection to you and to your children.


'As you rise, so will your children and their children and theirs.
What a beautiful gift to humankind'