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Our Happy Homeschool ebook

Are you constantly at odds with your kids?

Do you feel like you've totally lost yourself in this homeschooling gig?

Or... perhaps you have no idea WHERE to start or how to get it all done?


I can speak from experience when I say that for a parent, homeschooling brings up a number of fears and obstacles; practically, mentally and emotionally. 

To truly sustain a happy and healthy homeschool; one that brings more connection and joy (rather than less), we need to plan for MORE than just the 'how to's'. 

In this ebook, I cover:


  • Ways to ensure your cup is ALWAYS full. (Yes, so you can avoid flipping your top in the middle of a math lesson).
  • AND how to ensure your kids' cups are full so THEY don't flip their top in the middle of the math lesson!


  • How to get past the mental and emotional homeschooling blocks and set yourself up for SUCCESS.
  • This is truly the foundation of a sustainable happy homeschool.


  • Curriculum
  • Routines
  • How to get all the house work done
  • How to set up your home so it naturally invites learning
  • Learning styles and how to cater to them and
  • After A LOT of trial and error; what worked best for us.


By the end of this ebook, you'll feel more confident in knowing which direction you're heading and how to get there with ease, connection, confidence and peace.